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Avocado Oil Virgin 100% Pure [Persea Americana] 10ml

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Extraction : Cold Pressed

The Avocado has content of Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and also Beta carotene. The oil can be very much suitable for treating skin and hair that’s been damaged by Sun or has become dry for some reason. Avocado oil is also added to some other carrier oils in percentage of 5-10 to make it richer in vitamins. This oil is mostly used in making of lotions, creams and soaps.

Brief History

Avocado trees were first cultivated in the South America, Central America and Mexico as early as 5000 B.C. Avocadoes were referred to as “ahuacatl” (meaning testicle) in Mexico. This name it got because of its phallic shape and for the belief that its shape symbolizes its properties.

Historical Uses
• It was used as a fertility food and not only as a food.
• Avocado was also used as a cosmetics and its fruit pulp is used onto the skin by making its face mask.
• People of Mexico also used it in early time to treat diarrhoea, to prevent worms and parasites and for promoting better growth of hair.

General Uses & benefits of Avocado Carrier Oil

• Avocado carrier oil is used for proper growth of hair and especially it is suitable for normal hair type. It helps in regaining the texture and shine of unruly hair.
• The oil is particularly helpful in getting rid of dandruff and it gives the best result especially with Tea tree oil.
• It helps to a great level in rejuvenating skin by fighting damaged and dehydrated skin.
• It has tremendous preserving and healing effect which it showcases when mixed with some Soul flower essential oil.
• Avocado carrier oil protects the skin from different types of skin infection by creating an antimicrobial layer onto the skin.

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