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Argan Oil 100% Pure [Argania spinosa ] 10ml

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Botanical Name : Argania spinosa
Plant Part : Kernel
Extraction : Cold Pressed
Origin : Morocco

Argan Carrier oil is obtained by using the kernels of Argan trees. These are most known for its cosmetic, nutritive and a variety of medicinal properties. These trees are grown in North Africa and particularly in. Argan tree is quite adapted to drought and it grows in the area of wild semi-desert soil. This oil is considered as one of the rarest oils and that is because it grows only in small part of the world.

Uses and benefits of Argan Carrier Oil

• Argan Carrier Oil is used in production of shampoos, soaps and creams. The oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E and is therefore, used in the cosmetic industry.
• It also finds wide use in massaging and is used during production of lotion for men and in preparation of anti-aging products.
• Argans’ have a variety of anti-aging properties and that’s because of the content of Vitamin E and saponins.
• The oil helps in reducing wrinkles and this does by restoring the level of lipid and thereby cooling.
• Also, its anti-oxidant properties help in neutralizing the free radicals and thereby helping in cooling skin.
• And, it helps to a great extent in protecting skin from cold weather and Sun’s rays.

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