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Pure Hemp Seed Oil [ Cannabis sativa ] 100mL

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Hemp Seed Oil

Rich in Linoleic acid, Linolenic acid and Oleic acid. Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, rich in skin-loving vitamins, anti-aging, antibacterial.

Hemp seed oil is a soft, non-greasy oil that is light green in color and has a slightly nutty aroma. It is great for the face, hair and body. The oil can be used in most cosmetic applications such as creams, body butters, massage products, lotions and so on.

  • Botanical Name: Cannabis Sativa
  • Extraction Process: Cold Pressed
  • Available in: 100mL Refill Packaging

Hemp Seed Oil Skin Benefits

Hemp seed oil is perfect for oily skin and sensitive skin. It is known to reduce inflammation, redness and clogged pores associated with acne and itchiness and dryness associated with eczema and psoriasis.

It has been known to balance the oil production of oily skin, is nourishing, will firm and tighten dry skin and provide it with long-lasting moisture. It may help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and it will soothe and calm irritated skin.

Rich in Vitamin E antioxidants, it can help protect the skin from environmental damage and works wonders on stretch marks and scars. Use Hempseed oil as a natural makeup remover at night and your skin will feel soft, nourished and toned.

Hemp Seed Oil Uses & Benefits

  • Hemp seed oil is high in essential fatty acids and contains the recommended 3:1 proportion of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids, making it superb for supporting healthy skin and hair.
  • It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can be used for healing infections, treating rheumatoid arthritis, premenstrual cramps, acne, and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • It absorbs into the skin easily and does well as a carrier oil for all sorts of essential oil blends.
  • Massage: This oil is rich in fatty acids and maybe a helpful remedy for varicose veins when massaged into the affected areas of the legs.
  • Haircare: This oil is very nourishing and conditioning for the hair.


All essential oils & carrier oils are for external use only.

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I just recently purchased this oil and haven’t been using it long enough yet, to see the results, but I’m hopeful due to all the other great reviews.

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    Pure Hemp Seed Oil [ Cannabis sativa ] 100mL

    Pure Hemp Seed Oil [ Cannabis sativa ] 100mL