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[Tea] Rosehip Shells Australian Certified Organic

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What is the difference between Organic and Certified Organic?

Certified Organic refers to plants grown without the use of synthetic or toxic substances for a three-year minimum period. Artificial colours or fragrances can not have been added.
 If we look at the term "certifed organic" on a label, we know it to mean grown and cultivated without the use of chemicals.
The term “Certified Organic” is overseen by a number of internationally recognized bodies. 

Organic however, means a compound that contains a carbon atom. Carbon is found in anything that has ever lived.
This means that anyone can call his or her product “organic” without legal consequence because as yet there are no governing authorities monitoring companies
who abuse this terminology of organic.

All herbal tea at our store are Australian Certified Organic. Undergoes the auditing process annually to ensure
for complying with the rigorous standards involved in being Certified Organic.

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