Organic Sacred Lotus Flowers Blue, Water Lily

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Botanical Name: Nymphaea Caerulea
Organic Status:Au Organic
Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
Plant Part:(Cut Size) Flowers

Blue Lotus, Nymphaea caerulea (Cut and Sifted) "Royal Sri Lankan" *100% ORGANIC*

- Very clean production process.
- Wash well before dehydrate.
- Very good for tea making.
- No impurities And Dust. 

Its original habitat may have been along the Nile and other parts of East Africa. It spread more widely in ancient times, including to the Indian Subcontinent , Specially Sri Lanka and Thailand.

These plants ( flowers ) are growing in naturally most of lakes in our area in Sri Lanka.  This all lakes had natural mud.  No fertilizers or pesticides are used. All the flowers are dried by using shaded sun light.  Do not use  artificial heat to dehydrate.

Properties and uses -
The flower petals and leaves are typically made into a tea or decoction for internal and external use.  They may also be used as a garnish, smoked, floated in soups, and the fresh petals are used as a wrap in Asia. It is also said that the petals steeped in wine or tea have a calming effect. no negative side-effects.

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