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Orris Root Powder Premium Quality

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1. Removes Skin Impurities & Germs:
Orris roots along with margosa extracts help in cleansing the skin and the impurities and germs are done away with.

2. Keeps the Skin Moisturized:
The combination of orris roots and margosa keeps the skin moisturized and removes the dryness and itchiness from the skin.
The contents can be used along with honey and can be used towards the face in a circular motion.

3. Great Antiseptic:
The essential minerals and the oils provide a healing effect to the person and act as great antiseptics.
Various types of burns, scars and etc are done away through an application of orris powder.

4. Relieves Lung Congestion, Halitosis, Diarrhea & Other Problems:
Heavy congestion in the lungs, halitosis, diarrhea etc. all can be cured by intake of this powder.
The orris powder helps to minimize the inflammation and swellings in the bronchial area, thereby minimizing the effect of nasal problems.

5. Strong & Healthy Teeth:
Orris powder is very commonly used in the tooth powders and the pastes to emit a fresh and a good fragrance.
Normally dried roots are given to the babies for teething as it makes their teeth stronger and healthier.