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Pure HA Powder Low Molecular Weight

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 Make Your Own HA Serum with pure HA Powder ( Low molecular weight )

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Purity : 99%+

Molecular Weight : 800K-1000K Daltons (Low Molecular Weight)

You can make 100g HA serum with 1g HA powder

Making natural cosmetics is not difficult. Actually it's quite easy.

All ingredients are available at

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How to use

Wash your face as you normally would. While your face is still damp, apply 3-4 drops on desired area. It can be added to your favorite moisturizer. MAKE SURE you are only applying it when your face is wet or in your moisturizer as it can have the opposite effect and may dry your skin out.

HA is one of the most popular ingredients sought for use as an anti-aging treatment.

It exists in chains of polymers from 3,000 (or 3K) Daltons to as many as 20,000,000 (20,000K) Daltons in size.

It is a substance already found in your joints, eyes and skin.

In your skin, HA is found between the skin cells and acts as a water reservoir for them, able to absorb nearly 1000x its weight in water.

It also contributes to the suppleness of the skin, and to the reduction of fluid loss.

We lose HA as we age, causing loss of suppleness and increased thinning of the skin, effects which many try to fight off by attempting to treat their skin with topical HA

There are some things to consider about HA, that are not advertised. There are different kinds of powdered HA available for purchase.

Although all forms of HA provide moisturising effects, there are differences between the low and high molecular weight products.

For example, the higher molecular weight products might have some difficulty penetrating the skin due to their large size.

The very low molecular weight products on the other hand, are able to penetrate the skin far more easily.

None of the ready-to-use HA products let you know in the ingredients, what molecular weight HA was used,

so how do you know if your purchased HA serum is in a molecular weight range that will even penetrate the skin, and is not just moisturising the outer skin surface?

This is a reason to make your own!

All you need are distilled water, Low Molecular HA Powder, Kitchen scale, Measuring spoons.

- Please note that there is no such thing as completely pure 50% - 100% HA solution. A pure 1% HA solutionthe highest in the industry and is the safest and most effective percentage to use for skin formulations. Over 1% would be harmful.

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