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[DIY] Coconut Moisturiser

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How to make Coconut Moisturiser

[Oil base procedure]

1. Put 30g of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil,available here, into a glass bowl.

2. Add 7g of Natural Olive Emulsifier to the coconut oil.

3. Double boil the mixture until all ingredients have melted.

[Water base procedure]

1. Pour 100g of distilled water into a seperate glass bowl.

2. Double boil it until it reaches a temperature of 60 degrees celsius.

[Oil base and water mixing procedure ]

1. Pour water base into the glass bowl with the oil base and mix thoroughly.

2. Leave the mixture to cool.

3. Use a hand blender until it results in a creamy texture. 

4. Add 12g  of Vegetable Glycerin and use the hand blender for approximately 10 seconds.

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No harmful preservatives are used in this DIY. We recommend to use the moisturiser within 2 weeks of the production date.

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