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[DIY] Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol Rosewater Serum

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Rich in floral aroma. Rose Otto Hydrosol ‘Super’ (Certified Organic) is produced using Bulgarian organic roses.
Unlike most typical hydrosols, this is not a bi-product of essential oil distillation;
instead it is produced exclusively for the highly fragrant rose water.
Can be used directly on the skin as a toner to help retain moisture and revitalise the skin. Spritz when travelling to cool & hydrate.

How to make 100% natural Serum with rose otto hydrosol (30g)


Bulgarian Rose Otto Hydrosol    18g
Aloe gel                                      7.5g , available here
Glycerine                                    1.5g , available here

3% Rose Essential Oil               2 drops, available here

Rosewood Essential Oil             1 drop, available here

Mini digital scale (MUST for DIY natual cosmetics)

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and pour it into lotion pump bottle, available here

No chemical preservatives in this DIY. Shelf life is 1-2 weeks.

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