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[DIY] Aloe Vera Natural Skin

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A refreshing & hydrating facial skin. For all skin types

How to make Natural Aloe Vera Skin (30g)


22g of Distilled Water with natural stabiliser, which can make your DIY cosmetics will stay fresh for 3 months (shelf life), available here.

8g of Aloe Gel , available here.

2g of Hyaluroic Acid + Vitamin C Serum (optional) <=DIY Recipe available here

1 drop of Tea Tree Essential Oil (Optional)

Weigh 35g of Distilled water and 15g of Aloe Gel. Mini Digital Scale (A MUST for DIY cosmetics) available here
Mix all ingredients thoroughly and pour it into bottle, available here

That's it !!! Enjoy your preservative-free, toxic-free DIY cosmetics.

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