Natural Anti-Acne Treatment Scar Serum with Healing Essential oils + Vitamin E 10ml View larger

Natural Anti-Acne Treatment Scar Serum with Healing Essential oils + Vitamin E 10ml

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Remarkably effective - Reduce Acne and Eliminate Scarring with 100% natural Essential Oils 
Whether you're dealing with acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or just facial skin scarring in general,  
this blend is designed to naturally heal your troubled skin with healing oils and essential oils traditionally known for their regenerative healing properties. 
Scar healing is a process, and while we certainly aren't claiming an overnight fix. 
If you're looking for a completely natural option to help with your healing,  we've got you covered. 

This product is made to order. Choose the essential oil blend.  

[Healing Ingredients]
Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E
Essential Oil Blend (Your Choice)

 - Carrot Seed Blend : 
    Based on the powerfully regenerative properties of carrot seed oil. 
    This mix will have the characteristically earthy scent of carrot seed essential oil, flowery scents of geranium and lavender essential oils. 

- Helichrysum Blend :
   Powered by the ultimate of healing essential oils mixed with the threesome of lavender, geranium, and tea tree essential oils. 
   This combo will have a complex earthy, flowery scent.  

- Hyperpigmentation Blend :
   Packed with essential oils traditionally thought to help with skin lightening and skin discoloration issues in general. 
   Made from frankincense, carrot seed, lemon, and sandalwood essential oils. 

- Neroli Blend : 
   Relies on the elegant healing power of the sweet orange along with some help from frankincense and mandarin essential oils. 
   This combo creates a warm, somewhat citrusy and earthy blend of olfactory sensation. 

- Tea Tree & Lavender :
   A simple combination of two of the most well known, and powerfully healing essential oils. 
   This mix of tea tree oil and lavender essential oil will have the strong tart scent of tea tree followed by the sweet flowery waft of lavender. 

A list of best essential oils for acne scars

[ Carrot Seed Oil ] 
Carrot seed essential oil is an excellent cure all of the skin and considered among the very best essential oils for healing scars.
The rich content of beta-carotene in carrot seed oil helps for skin healing and rejuvenating which is turn helps to fade the acne scars.

[ Helichrysum ]
The high content of diketones in helichrysum oil will accelerate the healing of scar tissue 
and thereby promote the growth of new tissue to fade those acne scars on the skin. 

[ Lavender ]
It works as an excellent natural remedy for scars, and, as it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties it helps to promote wound healing
and preventing scarring from occurring the first place.

[ Tea Tree ]
It is one of the best natural remedies available for treating acne and acne scarring.Tea tree oil penetrates deep into the skin pores to remove toxins,
prevent the clog causing acne and lightens the scars effectively.

[ Frankincense ]
Frankincense oil is excellent for preventing acne scars.It can lessen the appearance of scars and stretch marks as well as speed the healing of acne and wounds. 
Frankincense also promotes the growth of new skin cells which grow over scar tissue to eventually smooth the skin.

[ Geranium ]
Geranium essential oil for acne scars has styptic and astringent properties that heal, soothe and cleanse the skin. This multipurpose oil is anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation. This can reduce acne scarring and calm inflammation. The oil is also preventive in that; it can stop acne breakouts.

[ Myrrh ]
It has hundreds of medicinal properties such as anti viral, anti inflammatory, healing, and antiseptic. 
It can be used for treating hundreds of skin issues including pimples and acne marks.

[ Bergamot ]
This essential oil has natural astringent and antiseptic properties that treat acne and clear blackheads effectively. 
It has scar healing and skin regenerating properties help to fade away the new scars and old ones.

[ Vetiver ]
This essential oil has skin tissue regenerating properties that clear acne scars.

[ Lemon ]
Lemon oil has rich content of vitamin C and skin lightening property that help for the production of collagen to encourage the formation of new skin cells
and to fade acne scars. It prevents the bacteria causing acne breakouts and thus prevents the formation of new scars.

[ Sandalwood ]
Sandalwood oil has antibacterial , skin lightening and anti-inflammatory properties that help to heal and fade acne scars. it is used to treat acne without forming any scars on the skin.

[ Neroli ]
It has a wonderful fragrance of citrus and floral aromas, along with astringent and antibacterial properties that make it an excellent remedy 
for lightening scars as well as for acne. 
It helps to build new skin cells while improving skin elasticity, and when used regularly, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks
as well as heal broken capillaries under the skin.

A list of best carrier oils for acne scars

Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Hemp Seed Oil

How to use : Massage it into the acne scars twice a day or more. Start by patch testing a small section of your skin.
Expiry date : We have stability tested samples for over 6 months, however, we say 3 months from the date of opening