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100% Natural Cosmetic Preservative Stabiliser

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[Ingredients] All from Nature : Zanthoxylum Piperitum Fruit Extract, Pulsatilla Koreana Extract and Usnea Barbata Extract

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100% Natural Cosmetic Preservative to Extend the Shelf Life of Your DIY Products
- All natural preservative for your lotion, cream, toner and makeup DIY
- No more harsh chemical preservatives. Completely safe on your skin and no irritation.
- Make your own DIY Cosmetics with purelyBlack cosmetic preservative. Shelf life up to 3 months. 
purelyBlack cosmetic preservative is extracted by ultrasonic extracting method. It is natural preservative from botanical resources and also known to provide the superb antibiotic efficacy without any harmful effects which synthetic ones often cause.
[How to use]
Just use 1% of purelyBlack cosmetic preservative for your DIY cosmetics. For example, if you make 100ml of serum, use 1ml ofpurelyBlack cosmetic preservative.

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    OMG. A must for DIY cosmetics

    I always wanted to use my own cream and serum with natural ingredients. I tried to make some and they were good. But shelf life of those were just a few days even though I kept it in a fridge. Didn't want to use Parabens or other harsh chemicals so I gave up.
    But now, this amazing natural preservative makes a miracle. I made my own moisturiser and mixed euro napre. It's been two weeks now still fresh. Really a MUST for diy cosmetics and strongly recommend to everyone who are looking for real natural cosmetics.