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Pure Lemon Essential Oil [ Citrus limonum ] 10 mL

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Lemon Essential Oil

  • Botanical Name: Citrus limonum
  • Plant Part: Peel
  • Extraction Process: Cold pressed
  • Available in: 10mL
  • Bottle: Amber glass bottle with glass dropper.

Lemon Oil Benefits & Uses

Pure Lemon Essential Oil is amazingly versatile and beneficial in use, making it one of the best essential oils to have in the household. Experience the burst of citrus fragrance to absorb its anti-stress effects and anti-bacterial properties. Stimulate thoughts of productivity and motivation using this all-natural, fresh, clean fragrance.

  • Dilute lemon oil in a carrier oil and spend time massaging sore, cramped muscles.
  • Make a lemon oil inhaler to fill the day with a positive, can-do attitude.
  • Lemon oil is a famous natural cleaner! Add it to a natural abrasive scrub for your tub and tile.


All essential oils are for external use only.

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