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Pure Neroli Essential Oil [ Citrus aurantium ] 10 mL

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100% Pure Neroli Essential Oil

purelyBlack's 100% pure Neroli essential oil is derived from the blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree (Citrus aurantium amara).  It has a rich, floral, citrusy aroma. Neroli is traditionally used as a natural remedy to relieve tension, uptightness, and depression.

  • Botanical Name : Citrus aurantium amara
  • Plant Part : Blossom
  • Extraction : Steam Distillation
  • Size : 10mL
  • Bottle : Amber glass bottle

Neroli Essential Oil Benefits & Uses

  • Neroli Oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, which are beneficial for skincare. Neroli oil is used for treating wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. 
    To enjoy the potent and powerful benefits, add Neroli to your daily skincare routine. Mix 1-2 drops in your moisturiser and apply it to the desired area.
  • Some essential oils are believed to have spiritual benefits and Neroli is one of them. With a deep mix of citrus and floral aromas, Neroli calms your emotions and refreshes your spiritual energies when inhaled. Neroli is also known for opening and attuning the Heart Chakra.
  • Neroli Oil is a wonderful oil that relieves symptoms of premenstrual tension (PMT) and menopause, including high blood pressure, low libido, and elevated stress.
  • Neroli Oil is generally considered safe and beneficial during pregnancy. It helps lower blood pressure and anxiety levels. Always seek professional advice, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.


All essential oils are for external use only.

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Pure Joy in a bottle

As an Aromatic Kinesiologist,this is an amazing oil to use. It is so volatile and pure i have to house it in isolation in its own special Jar.


    love these oils, such great quality and so affordable.


      Enroll oil

      Beautiful product, love useing it and mixing it with other oils


        So easy to use and convenient to carry in my bag.


          The scent of this is seriously divine (packaging is awesome too) thank you so much x


            Awesome product at a great price. Super fast delivery!!! Thank u so much!


              These oils are amazing, such pure beautiful quality! Definitely as good if not better than the big marketing company oils!! Amazing prices! Excellent customer service and arrived very quickly! Had never heard of this wonderful Australian company before and I won't be purchasing oils from anywhere else again


                Been waiting to get this specific oil, it's so beautiful for my blends.


                  Beautiful quality

                  I used it in a base aa facial oil, so good for your skin.

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                    Pure Neroli Essential Oil [ Citrus aurantium ] 10 mL

                    Pure Neroli Essential Oil [ Citrus aurantium ] 10 mL