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Pure Caraway Seed Essential Oil [ Carum carvi ] 10 ml

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Caraway Essential Oil

Caraway essential oil is extracted from the seeds of Carum carvi using steam distillation method. Caraway seed oil has a fresh, spicy, fruity, and balsamic scent.

  • Latin Names : Carum carvi
  • Hindi Names : Kala Jira, Shiajira, Jira
  • Aroma : Very strong, fresh and woody
  • Size : 10ml
  • Bottle : Amber glass bottle

Caraway Oil Benefits and Uses

Caraway Essential Oil is beneficial for digestive issues, such as stomachache, flatulence and poor appetite and support healthy menstrual cycles and cramping. Caraway's warming and stimulating properties are helpful in healing depression and fatigue. Caraway oil is also used in the soap industry and in perfumery.

  • Caraway seed oil provides comfort during the menstrual cycle. For a soothing tummy massage, blend a few drops with 1 tablespoon fractionated coconut oil. Apply to the abdomen and massage in a clockwise direction for a couple of minutes. Clary sage oil and Melissa oil are excellent substitutes for Caraway seed oil in relieving period cramps.
  • Caraway Essential Oil helps to ease the symptoms of colds or bronchitis.
  • Before breastfeeding blend and massage a few drops of Caraway oil in your favorite lotion to create a relaxing and beautiful experience for both mother and baby.
  • Caraway oil also has skin benefits. It helps balance oily skin, and reduce wrinkles. For topical use, dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and apply it on the desired area.

Caraway oil blends well with

Aniseed, Basil, Coriander, Cardamom, citrus oils, Fennel and Ginger oil


All essential oils are for external use only.