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Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil [Bursera graveolens] / Resinoid 10 ml

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Palo Santo Essential Oil (Resinoid)

Palo santo has long been regarded as a special spiritual tree, which can clear bad energy and bring good luck. Palo santo is often used to support emotional and spiritual health as a natural anxiety remedy.

Our Palo santo oil is derived from the resin of Bursera graveolens, which is native to South America. Palo santo resin derived oil has a unique sweet, warm woody aroma but it can be considerably different from batch to batch. 

Even though it is called as 'Oil', Palo santo wood resin oil is much thicker than regular essential oils – almost half sold.  To make this resin oil into liquid state, place the amber glass bottle in a warm bath. Make sure to shake well before use.

Palo santo essential oil blends well with citrus oilsfloral essentail oils, frankincense, copal, and myrrh.

  • Botanical Name : Burserapa graveolens
  • Aroma : Woody, fruity/balsamic sweet
  • Country of Origin : Ecuador
  • Size : 10ml
  • Bottle : Amber glass bottle

Palo Santo Wood Oil Benefits

Palo santo oil has antioxidant,antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and spiritual purifying properties.

  • It has spiritual purifying, energy cleansing effects on the body and mind. Its calming and grounding properties set us up for emotional stability and a connection to the spiritual world. 

  • Palo santo is beneficial to reduce pains including sore muscles, headaches, and chronic neck or back pain as well as inflammation, thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Palo Santo Oil